Upcoming CCE Competitions

CCE has been created to provide an equestrian sport that rewards the partnership between highly trained and capable horses and highly skilled, knowledgeable riders. The sport is based on the horse and rider completing a course, generally through an open countryside setting, at pace, and selecting the obstacles they choose to attempt based on the partnership’s strengths and specific situation.

Guide to the types of competition below. These are Confirmed CCE competitions.

Types of Competitions

  • Introductory Competitions - are formatted to suit the specific situation.
  • Demonstrations - explain the basics of CCE to an audience using a small number of riders and horses and shortened, simplified CCE courses.
  • Workshops - typically involve the two primary Stages (CCR and JOR) in a simplified competitions format, with briefings, discussions and course-walks. They are the best opportunity to learn and practice the basics of CCE.
  • Training Competitions - generally follow Official CCE Rules but have extra flexibility and optional Allowances to maximize access and optimize the competition. These generate a CCE competition record and contribute to eligibility for horses, riders and officials.
  • Accredited Competitions - follow Official CCE Rules including meeting all parameters and standards. Allowances are not permitted as these competitions are the basis for qualification and eligibility.