After the initial launch in September, demand and enthusiasm for CCE is clear. Requests to begin CCE come regularly from across the US country and internationally. Sponsorship will enable a swift expansion of CCE across the US. Funding will be used primarily for setting up Workshops and building the infrastructure needed to manage the sport.

Gold Sponsors

  • Fate's Ponies

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

  • Kay Halbert

Businesses and individuals that sponsor the CCEA in 2024 will be permanently listed as Founding Sponsors. Sponsors provide the name or business name, logos and links. This sponsorship is much appreciated and crucial to expanding CCE during the launch phase. Founding Sponsorship starts at $100.

There are five levels of Founding Sponsorship. In addition, there are several Special Sponsorship Categories that link sponsorship with organizations or specific sections of the CCEA site or CCE competitions. Founding Sponsors are permanently listed and displayed due to their crucial role in ensuring CCE expands and becomes widely established.

Platinum - $2000+
A customized founding sponsor package.
Options include page title sponsorship and larger marketing packages.

Gold - $1000
Permanently listed as a CCEA Founding Gold sponsor.
Logo or name with link displayed on CCEA website permanently.
Logo or name included with CCE Guides and Information packages.
Four newsletter and social platform mentions and displays.

Silver - $500
Permanently listed as a CCEA Founding Silver sponsor.
Logo or name displayed on CCEA website permanently.
Logo or name included with CCE Guides and Information packages.
Two newsletter and social platform mentions and displays.

Bronze - $250
Permanently listed as a CCEA Founding Bronze sponsor.
Name displayed on CCEA website permanently.
Name included with CCE Guides and Information packages.
One newsletter and one social platform mention and display.

Friends - $100
Permanently listed as a CCEA Founding Friends sponsor.
Name displayed on CCEA website permanently.

Special Sponsorship

Adopted Horses Registration Sponsor

Fund the horse registration fee for horses adopted from specified organizations.

Main Sponsor for Competitions Page

Main sponsor of Competitions page on the CCEA website.

Main Sponsors for Pages

Main sponsor of pages on the CCEA website.

Competition Sponsorship

Horsemanship Award

A popular award given at each competition to a member that represents the ideals and spirit of CCE, nominated and voted on participants.

Level Prize Sponsor

Level prizes are given to the highest place horse in each Level at competitions.

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Primary Goals:

  • Maximize access so more can participate.
  • Be inclusive.
  • Talent and ability determine the outcome.
  • Be horse-centric to foster horsemanship and ethics.

CCE - An Accessible Horse-Centric Equestrian Sport

Over recent decades, many factors have caused traditional equestrian sports to become unaffordable and inaccessible to many. The resultant exclusivity prioritizes resources over skill and talent, to the detriment of horsemanship, safety and welfare. The horse is often reduced to a procurable and replaceable piece of equipment.

Consequently, equestrians are questioning their chosen sport’s priorities and the long term feasibility of participation. Many now participate in competitions at a very limited scale or not at all. Virtually all would seize the opportunity to participate in an exciting, affordable, accessible and horse-centric equestrian sport.

Increasing Accessibility

  • Individuals participate in a manner appropriate for their own level of experience and ability - from absolute beginner to expert competitor.
  • Numerous formats of CCE allow venues of all sizes and resources can conduct CCE competitions, substantially boosting the supply of competitions, especially locally to competitors.
  • Partnership and training are more important in CCE than the market-value or fashionability of the horse.
  • All breeds can participate but the thoroughbred is especially suited to CCE and a more affordable horse.
  • Most CCE competitions do not require an overnight stay, substantially reducing associated costs and time requirements.
  • Equipment and attire requirements are reduced and based on safety and functionality.

Horse-Centric Sport

  • Competitive success in CCE requires good horsemanship, training and a developed partnership between the horse and rider.
  • Elevating the importance of training, horsemanship and partnership in the competition, prioritizes the training and treatment of the horse.
  • CCE provides an environment to improve the partnership and to gain skills and knowledge, without adverse pressure or negative incentives.
  • Optionality and flexibility allow for superior and safer decisions during competition.
  • Safety and welfare have been proactively integrated into CCE from inception - especially through encouraging safer behavior.
  • The culture of CCE originates from enjoying the relationship between horse and rider rather than the horse being used for enjoyment or advancement of the rider.

Excitement and Enjoyment

CCE is an innately exciting sport, combining speed, endurance and jumping in an open country setting. Choice gives each competitor the ability to ride and compete in an optimal manner for their specific circumstances. The competition will point out strengths and weaknesses, indicating where improvement is needed without counterproductive pressure or causing anxiety. CCE makes it very easy for competitors to enjoy their horses.

Long Term Goals

  • Improving horsemanship across the equine industry.
  • A clear and realistic path to an ethical livelihood with legitimate careers and vocations.
  • Substantial improvement in post-racing opportunities OTTB horses.
  • Broad public appeal and engaged spectators.
  • Media exposure including broadcast and streaming to expand spectator audience.
  • Revenue from commercial sponsorship and exposure used to fund CCE and maintain accessibility.
  • Potentially introduce gaming to further fund and elevate CCE.
  • National and International Championship competitions.

Launch Phases of CCE

Phase 1 - Initial Launch, Proof of Concept - COMPLETED

  • Information based website to introduce CCE to the equestrian community.
  • Conduct the first Workshop competitions - educational, simplified competitions.
  • Begin growing a membership base and raising awareness and excitement.
  • Engage organizers for the next competitions and supporters to assist in the next phase.

Phase 2 - Expansion of Awareness and Engagement - IN PROGRESS

  • Conduct numerous Workshop competitions over wider geographical area.
  • Upgrade functionality on CCEA website to accommodate the next competitions.
  • Transition from educational Workshops competitions to Training Competitions.
  • Continue to grow membership and support.
  • First international exposure.

Phase 3 - Introduce Competition Formats

  • Continue Training Competitions, phase-out Workshop competitions.
  • Upgrade functionality and scale on CCEA website to accommodate Accredited Competitions.
  • Further international expansion.

Phase 4 - Implement All Competition Formats

  • First Accredited Competitions, including eligibility and qualification requirements.
  • Additional higher competition Levels and Classes introduced.

CCE is intentionally designed to be:

  • accessible, inclusive and adaptable to maximize participation,
  • an unambiguous and exciting competition to maximize spectator appeal,
  • an ethical horse-centric sport with a supportive and welcoming community

As such, CCE is intentionally designed to become a self-funding entertainment product similar to other successful mainstream sports.

Please Note:
CCEA is not a charitable organization with 501c status. Instead of relying on charitable donations and benefactors, the entire structure of CCE is intentionally designed so the sport will mature into a successful self-funding entertainment product with a massive and diverse audience.