Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of CCE?

The competitive goal is to finish with the highest score. Competitors score points for jumping well and incur penalties for errors or for exceeding the allowed time. Scoring is objective.

Who can participate in CCE?

Nearly any rider can participate in CCE. CCE is based on riding cross country, with cantering and jumping efforts, but a rider can choose at what pace they prefer to compete. As every jump is optional, a rider is never compelled to attempt a jump out of fear of elimination; they can technically complete a course without attempting a single obstacle.

What makes a good CCE competitor?

A solid partnership between horse and rider is a very important component to success at CCE. This bond will allow the rider to better anticipate what fences their horse will jump well (to earn points). A rider who is capable of assessing the situation and responding appropriately will do better than a rider who is unwilling to deviate from a pre-determined plan on course.

Riders are able to use each CCE competition to suit their own personal goals, such as conditioning, qualifying, gaining confidence, learning how to relax on course, etc. This freedom of choice enables CCE to develop and test skilled horses and riders.

What does my horse need to be good at to do well at CCE?

A horse that is well-trained on the flat, that is adjustable and responsive, is best suited to do well in CCE. Fitness, speed and stamina can also factor in to a horse’s success at CCE. If you plan to jump, a horse that has over-fences training and experience is a must. The amount of training a horse needs to be successful increases as it advances through the levels. Each of these aspects can be developed while competing in CCE!

How many CCE levels are there?

CCE offers 10 Levels with a wide range of formats that give competitors a variety of opportunities to participate. This flexibility allows riders to adjust their goals both before and during competition so that each horse has a positive experience every time out. Levels go from smallest obstacles (L1) to largest (Level 10). Level 3 is similar to Beginner Novice fence height (2’7”) and Level 7 is similar to Prelim fence height.

What do I wear at a CCE?

During competition, CCE riders must wear shirts with sleeves and pants; an ASTM/SEI certified helmet and protective vest while jumping; and closed-toed shoes with a heel.

Do I need specific saddle to ride CCE?

No. Riders may use any type of saddle in which they are comfortable.